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TPV/TPE extrusions

TPV seals: whose material is the compound of EPDM and PP, it is a stability elastomer which formed by adopts Dynamic vulcanization technology to mixing two substances together.
1. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: Do not contain nitrite carcinogens, etc. Free of heavy metals, can be recycled used, reach hygiene standard, Certified by SGS, Conform to the European Union ROHS instruction
2. Less density: the density is less than 1, just equivalent to 67% of EPDM sealing strips.
3. Good Anti-aging performance: Useful life will not less than 15 years under normal conditions
4. Little changes on hardness with temperature changes: the work temperature is -60℃ to +130℃, the changes of shore hardness will not exceed 5SHA within the temperature -20℃ to +40℃, which better than traditional PVC and EPDM seal strips.
5. Good resilience:When under the condition of compression rations 30%, 70℃x24h, the compression distortion is 25%, but if under the same condition, the compression distortion set of EPDM is 75%.


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